Wednesday, May 28, 2008

cheesy chicken and salsa

I have no stove and oven. Mine is toast. So I am stuck with crock pot, rice cooker, microwave, deep fryer, george foreman grill and bbq. Not too bad.... It's the odd stuff like pasta that is hard to cook ;-) I am buying a stove and will get it in the middle of june, so this will be a creative time. What a better time to start a recipe blog. I will get organized and take pictures of the food in time.

Cheesy chicken and salsa in crock pot. It was thrown together with ingredients I had in the cupboard/fridge

Tostitos con queso sauce- 1 jar
Salsa 1 jar
Chicken breasts
mix together.... cook for 8 hours on low or 4 on high
add steamed broccoli near the end.

serve on rice. Add shredded chesse to garnish. Sour cream to taste.

Quite tasty - didn't take a picture , but this tastes better than it looks.

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